Ethereum Wallets Now Operate Like Smart Contracts!

• Ethereum developers have launched a new feature called EntryPoint that allows wallet accounts to function as smart contracts.
• Account abstraction is designed to improve the user experience of crypto wallets by enabling automated payments, account recovery and other features.
• The safety of the architecture allowing for account abstraction relies on how securely the EntryPoint contract is implemented.

Ethereum Update Allows Wallets to Operate as Smart Contracts

Ethereum (ETH) developers have released a new software feature known as EntryPoint that enables wallet accounts to act as smart contracts. This optional feature is aimed at providing „account abstraction,“ which allows wallets to perform complex tasks automatically without requiring users to directly interact with the underlying blockchain.

Features Enabled By Account Abstraction

Account abstraction enables wallets to offer users several advanced features such as two-factor authentication recovery options and native multi-signatures, all while making them more accessible and intuitive to use. After undergoing an extensive security audit by OpenZeppelin, EntryPoint has been made available on various blockchain networks including Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum and BNB Chain.

ERC 4337 Request For Comments

EntryPoint is part of a broader Ethereum request for comments (ERC) 4337 which details features such as automated payments and two-factor authentication recovery options. It serves as a central trust point for all EIP-4337 developments, which is why it needs to be heavily audited and formally verified in order for the account abstraction architecture on those protocols to remain secure.

Benefits Of Wallet Abstraction

Wallet abstraction provides many benefits for users including improved security when accessing their funds, enhanced convenience when sending transactions, reduced risks associated with multiple signatories or recoveries being needed in order for funds to be accessed or moved around and lower transaction fees due to gas costs being covered by the infrastructure provider.


The launch of EntryPoint marks an important milestone in terms of improving user experience within cryptocurrency wallets through account abstraction technology. It will enable various services providers such as exchanges or payment processors to implement sophisticated wallet features while ensuring overall security thanks to thorough audits conducted before its launch.